Friday, March 4, 2011


Listen, when you are in my class there are a few rules you MUST abide by. I really would preferred it if you looked at the board and read it before you start asking questions, but I know that may be too much to ask before 9 am, so I won't get too mad about that. Also know that I will ALWAYS give an explanation of the WOD before we start. Really. I promise. We'll even practice some movements before hand so you know what you're doing. I am there to help you be the best darn athlete you can be and if that means I have to watch you do every single rep so you get it right, then so be it. I don't mind. I love it, actually. Keeping this in mind, here are my rules:

1. Do it right. Whatever it is you are doing at the gym, do it right. If you aren't doing it right, I will see it and do one of three things (after correcting you, of course): 1) Make you redo that rep, 2) Make you do more of them until it is right, or, in stubborn cases, 3) Threaten you with a sledge hammer (since I can't find my whoopin' stick).

2. Do your best. I don't care how fast or slow you are or how much weight you can lift. You chose to show up for the class. Make the most of it by doing the very best you can. You will be rewarded (just not with donuts, which happens to be MY favorite reward).

3. DO NOT SIT DOWN. The workouts stink. We all know this. We are all in the same boat. I don't care, get up. You can lean. You can squat. You can make angry faces and swear in my general direction. Heck, I'll even let you get some water. You MAY NOT sit down until you finish the entire WOD. (Passing out is a different story).

This picture was posted in Strong is the New Skinny Facebook page and I feel like it should be the rules at every gym. Apologies for the swears.

I especially like numbers 4, 7, and 8.

Speaking of not sitting, no one came to my 6 am class today. Now that I read my rules, I may know has to be the sledge hammer threat. Anyway, I read a little and then rowed a leisurely 5k to pass the time and warm up my back. I did it in 24:14. Some people came to the 7 am class (YAY!!!), so I worked out with them.

Friday, March 4

Kari Partner WOD

x3 250m Run/KB Rack Hold
Wall Balls/Wall Sits 10, 9, 8...3
Ball Slams/Plank 10, 9, 8...3
SDLHP/Steering Wheels 10, 9, 8...3
x3 250m Run/KB Rack Hold

There were four people total, so I worked with one of the groups as a third wheel. The run felt so good. I am so glad the weather is getting nicer out. I used a 12lb Wall Ball, a 15lb Slam Ball, and a 30lb KB for the SDLHP. I felt like such a hypocrite for the SDLHP because I wanted to use at least 45lbs, but my back was just not having it. Everything else was fine. I worked with Michelle and Patrick. We did it in about 35 minutes, but I don't know the exact time. Barry and Jane rocked it today! I love my morning classes. ::sigh:: The feeling is probably not mutual. Ha!

7am Class = WINNERS

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  1. Who is this wonderful Kari person that the workout is named after? I like the rules.Add in the sledge hammer rule and sounds like we have a new Banner to put up at CFTC.