Monday, April 18, 2011

Pain and Suffering

Nobody grows without a little pain and suffering. I mean, you have to suffer at least a little throughout your lifetime to grow as a human. No one is just born who they become in time. It is the lessons learned that makes you who you are. That being said, I have been learning a great many things this semester, both in the classroom and out.

Seriously. Get a haircut.

First off, being an adult student sucks (sorry, mom). It does. You are stuck in classes with whiny babies that think their life is SO hard because they have to get up for a 9:30am class. If that is the hardest thing that happens to you in life, then you have a pretty great life and a pretty lame work ethic. Also, your professors treat you like you are one of the whiny babies and lectures you on why you shouldn't talk in their class. Their main reason? "This isn't high school!" Awesome. BUT, I have to sit through these things to get to do what I want, so I just go to my happy place where I do burpees until my back feels better. Sick? Yes. However, mental burpees are better than regular burpees!

Secondly, having people to help you carry your burden is fantastic. This should have been a no-brainer. However, you see, I am a hands on person. I like to be in charge not only because I am bossy, but also because I know things will get done if I have a hand in it. Trust me, this was a huge issue all through my school career. This type of mentality meant that in groups projects, I got to do all the work. All of it. In fact, people wanted me in their group because they knew they wouldn't have to do anything since I would do it all for the A. Now, as an adult, I need help. I can't do everything. If I do try to do everything, I become one cranky girl. Help came at just the right time and although I am adjusting to it as best as my crazy brain can, it really is a Godsend.

Thirdly, grades don't matter. I know, right? If you know me at all, you know that if I don't get an A, I failed. Except in Math class where I really am just happy to pass. But the rest of my classes? It is an A or failure. Now, after some life experience, I can truly say that, yes, I will still work my buttocks off for an A BUT if I fail (read: get a B or less), I know it isn't from the lack of preparation.

If I get an A then a B, I'll have my initials!
So, yeah. Going back to school has been tough in more ways than one, but I know that it will get better. I know it will! And I have to suffer through it to get where I want to be.

That being said, I suffered a lot last week. It was a good kind of suffering though!

Friday, April 15

Partner WOD

3 Rounds:

CF1: Short Lap Run with Sandbag/CF2: Wall Sit
CF1: Bumper Run 6 Plates/CF2: V-Ups
CF1: 250m Row/CF2: KB Rack Holds
CF1: 20 Landmines/CF2: Plank on Rollers

1 800m 95# Sled Pull. Consecutive 800m. Switch as needed.

I did this 1.5 times. It took forever and I have no idea what my times were. I did the first part with Angela and she rocked it. She has come so far! I had to nix the sandbag on the runs though. After the first one, my back yelled at me. When I asked Angela if she minded said "Um, no! That means less Wall Sit for me!" Good attitude:-) On a different note, as much as I absolutely love sled pull, a mile of it is just a bit too much!

Thursday, 14 April

Back Squats/L Sits
Bench Press

So...I hurt my back showing how to do L-Sits. It wasn't too bad. It made me choose between L-Sits or Back Squats and of course I chose Squats. I made it up to 1 work set of 155. That is an improvement. I didn't get to bench because we were running out of time and I wanted other people to be able to do it. I also got to do Gladiator Abs for the first time and it was awesome! 3 Rounds of 20. Killa!

Wednesday, 13 April

10 Rounds:
10 Burpees
10 Pull Ups

I tried to do all Dead Hang Pull Ups, meaning I had to use Lil' Red. I used her for 9 of the 10 rounds and finished in 16:40. When Burpees are the easiest part of the WOD, you know you're in trouble.

Tuesday, 12 April

Dead Lifts
Push Press

Skill Session: Snatch Balance

I recorded my weights in my notebook but don't really remember what happened during this one!!

Monday, 11 April

5 Rounds:

400m Run
15 MBC
25 Ball Slams

This was tough. My legs were SO tired afterward. I tried to finish in less than 30 minutes, but I can't remember my exact time. Good thing I wrote it down in my notebook. I am suffering from memory loss. It comes with old age, I hear. I used a 16# Wall Ball for the MBCs (Medicine Ball Cleans) and the 20# for the Ball Slams. The running really and truly hurt my back.

I am looking forward to feeling better and performing better this week!

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