Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Death by Brussel Sprout

 jIH pe' SoH
(translation: I'll cut you!)
This is a story about how DTM almost got gutted by yours truly. And brussel sprouts.

First off, let me just say it was a normal day in our household. We came home from work, DTM was going to do a workout with his BFF, the 45 pound KettleBell (which needs a name, ps. Post suggestions to comments, please!), and I was going to start making dinner. We decided to have fish and brussel sprouts. Since this meal is eaten almost 50% of the time by us, I am really proficient at cutting them up and preparing them. We use a recipe in the Primal Blueprint Cookbook by Mark Sisson with Jennifer Meier. It involves roasting the sprouts with some butter. Totally yum.

DTM had picked up some of these delicious delicacies at our local Wegman's, his absolute favorite place on earth (he may tell you differently, but it's all lies!). They were HUGE. I have never seen bigger brussel sprouts in my life (I was going to shorten them to BS but then thought better of it). Here, let me show you:

So at what point are they just called "cabbage?"
I KNOW! I decided to gut these Hulk Sprouts right quick before they started getting all angry and I knew I wouldn't like them when they were angry. I was doing my thing, listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the 187th time, when all of a sudden I see a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn around, startled, to see what it was and DTM is SILENTLY standing there all stalker like, just watching me, grinning like a fool. I had a giant knife in my hand and he is SO lucky I ONLY screamed a little and didn't slash and stab! Never, ever, EVER sneak up on a girl wielding a knife. It could end poorly for you! I may or may not have said "If you do that again, I'll CUT YOU!" He laughed like a maniac and scampered away. ::Rolls eyes:: Boys!

Other than that, the brussel sprouts and fish were pretty good. We have been coating our fish (tilapia) in taco seasoning just because it is pretty tasty. I like it, anyway. That's good since we eat a whole school of tilapia every week!

On the whole I have taken a couple rest days. I am sore and pretty beat up from the last few workouts and I sat yesterday out. When I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, not because I was tired but just because I was sore, I decided to take today off too. Me doing this willingly is a sign I needed some rest. I will be back at it tomorrow, though! 

And seriously, do yourself a favor and go get the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Everything we have made from it is easy and delicious! Even brussel sprouts.

Oh, did I scare you with that Klingon picture? Let me make it up to you.

Brussel sprouts? Make it so!
Captain Picard! ::swoon::


  1. While I have no name suggestions for DTM's 45# KB and shudder at the thought of brussel sprouts, I just had to write. You are a fantastic instructor and I can't thank you enough! I'll be putting everything I learned to good use while on CFTC hiatus. See you again in September!

  2. Call the 45lb DB QuatroCinco. You know like that
    OchoCinco guy

  3. I LOVE IT! QuatroCinco it is! Thanks:-)

    And Jenn, you are too nice. We'll miss you at the gym. Keep up the good work so you don't lose the progress you made. Let me know if you need any help!

  4. This was hilarious. How did I miss that you blog? I can't wait to read more. And the brussel sprout! Amazing.