Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some Reasons I am not Going to Finish School

So here I am, barely 3 weeks into the new semester and I am already questioning if I can make it for the long haul. There have been a few minor irritants. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

1. My Kinesiology instructor says that people do not need to squat past a quarter squat and if they do, then they should kiss their knees goodbye. My eye started twitching. Don't worry, when he asked how many of us squat past that depth on a regular basis, I raised my hand and replied "Every time I go to the bathroom." Clearly I am making friends.

2. Some girls in my Nutrition class noticed my CrossFit Tysons Corner t-shirt and had the following conversation between themselves:

Girl 1: "OMG, do you see her shirt? Have you ever heard of CrossFit?"
Girl 2: "Yeah. Those people are crazy."
Girl 1: "I have seen some of their videos online. They do weird stuff."
Girl 2: "All of the women look like men."
Girl 1: "They really are too intense."
Girl 2: "Yeah, it really isn't healthy at all."
Girl 1: "No, and it isn't safe."

Now, I was already having a bad day and these two girls were not making it any better. I was not involved in the conversation other than hearing their take on CrossFit and I still am not sure if I acted appropriately. I didn't say anything and it took an enormous amount of restraint. If I would have said something, it would not have come out nice and that doesn't benefit anyone. However, I would like to say this: If you have never actually TRIED CrossFit or talked to a competent instructor, then you should do so before you decide it is unhealthy. Also, I don't look like a man. Thanks.

This is an example of how some idiots make CrossFit unsafe.
I can guarantee you this would not happen on my watch.

3. I had to take a mandatory online course about the dangers of alcohol. I just finished it, actually. And it told me of how a big change like going to college can really be stressful and that drinking alcohol is NOT the way to deal with stress. Also, I should never drive drunk or accept alcoholic beverages from people I don't know. Finally, "no means NO." I realize that these can be real and present dangers for real life college kids, but a married 29 year old who lives in her own apartment and works a few jobs does not need coaching on this subject. Besides, I only drink at home. It's cheaper and you don't have to drive anywhere. Duh.

These are all irritations and not reasons to not finish school. I am, however, wondering if this is going to make me a better teacher. I know time will tell, but being a better coach is all I am worried about. A little more knowledge never hurt anyone, but I don't want to waste time in classes that aren't going to benefit me directly and immediately. PS, all I have learned in Nutrition class is to not believe the fad diets ads we see on tv. And even then, I already knew that.
You too can lose 65 lbs with just a few clicks in Photoshop!
Hopefully this will not be a waste of time and I will get something out of it. If not, I can always change direction. I have before and I most likely will again. The only difference this time is that I know what I want for shizzle and I am going to get it one way or another.

Now, as for my unhealthy CrossFit related pursuits, I have done a few things recently:

1. I finished Helen at 12:12 as Rx-ed. 3 Rounds of 400m Run, 21 KB Swings (16kg), 12 Pull Ups. Not bad and definitely better than my last attempt.

2. I PR-ed on Filthy 50, finishing at 30:08. Unfortunately, Caleb, a studly trainer at Bethesda, did the WOD after me and finished in 15:53. I cried a little. Watching him was fascinating.

3. I am still holding strong at the 125# Overhead Squats.

Also, my shoulder has been killing me softly and I love my morning classes. They continue to be awesome!


  1. Known your enemy. Even if what you are learning is not aligned with what you actually know or believe to be true, figure out how and why the false information is taught. It will be easier to rebut later if you have a well-researched counterarguement for every one of their "truths."

    Don't get discouraged Alison. Everything you're learning will make you a better coach (except maybe the alcohol thing, that's just funny).

  2. You're right Dave. Thanks for the encouragement:-)I think I will go have a drink and toast to you!

  3. Alison,
    I have read a few of your posts during my lunch and think they are great! Thanks for sharing your insight!