Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Regularly Learn and Play New Sports

Oh CrossFit, you are a cruel mistress with your mantra of "work your butt off then go do something new." Well, I have been working my butt off and I decided that it was time we try something new. This whole excitement of  trying something new swept over me when I saw a Living Social deal for Polo Lessons. You know, the horseback riding sport? Yeah. So what did I do? Bought them for not only myself, but DTM as well. You should know that he has never, ever been on a horse. But he let himself be talked into polo lessons.

So one nice September afternoon, we drove out to Where the Hell Am I?, VA and took our polo lesson.

There were 6 of us in the class and only one other guy for poor DTM to hang with. He totally got talked into it by his wife as well, I am sure of it. Before we got to the actual horse part, we spent some time on the ground practicing hitting the polo balls.

Gabi (in white) teaching us how to play.
We practiced that for a while and then we were introduced to our noble steeds.

They were unamused.
DTM was given the slowest horse since he had absolutely no horseback riding experience. Her name was Julietta. She liked to do 2 things: bite other horses' butts and crop dust everyone. My horse was named Pato. He was pretty cool, but he was also slow. In fact, because this was a beginner class all of the horses looked and acted like they were about to be "put out to pasture." We were told to be aggressive with them because they were just lazy. I think I would be lazy too if my sole job in life was to be accidentally and repeatedly hit with polo sticks by poor schmucks attempting to play polo.

We all mounted our rides and rode around the ring for a bit to get a feel for what we needed to do. Then we were given the polo sticks and hit some polo balls around. They looked like little baby soccer balls. And they were hard to hit. It wasn't exactly like the horses went galloping by them or anything. It was just you had to lean over to aim at and hit them and, even though I had my trusty bike helmet on, I just wasn't confident that I wasn't going to fall off and get trampled.

After some practice we scrimmaged. It looked a lot like this:

He was excellent. I was absolutely not.
The hardest thing, other than getting used to leaning over the side of a horse to hit a ball, was that you could only use your right hand to hold the polo stick. No switching. At all. My arm was TIRED!!!! We had so much fun though. It was really a great experience! I have no idea how people can play at full speed for any amount of time. It is truly an impressive sport!

Out team "won" the scrimmage. Here we are in all our victorious glory:

Ah, the things I talk him into.
What can I get us into next?

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  1. How about Curling? If there's ever a Groupon for that, I'll be all over it and make Eric come along!