Friday, February 18, 2011

My Eye is Twitching...

So I have been cranky lately. You may not have noticed at the gym because I try to keep my cherub-like demeanor around other people. It may because of the lack of overhead squats in my life AND because I re-injured my back doing deadlifts. And by re-injuring it, I mean I can't even pick up a full basket of laundry. Or a half full basket of laundry. So I am cranky.

I definitely has it.

I am also a little frustrated about many things. I took out out this morning on a poor unsuspecting tire with a sledge hammer. That was rad.

Anyway, one of the things I am frustrated about includes women refusing to lift because it will make them bulky. Whenever I hear a woman worried about lifting too much weight because it might make her arms a little bigger, it makes me want to crush her with my man thighs. Now, I have man-thighs because it is the way I am built. Even if I don't lift, they are thunderous. I would rather have muscular thunder thighs than fatty thunder thighs. They are the same size either way, one just has less jiggle. You will not get bulky. You need muscle to help you lose weight. Straight cardio just won't do it. What am I talking about? Glad you asked. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read this article by Adam Signoretta at He explains it VERY well and simply. You need to eat better and train right to look hot in that dress. Also, go pick up a barbell. You won't turn into the Incredible Hulk.

Today was Chop Till You Drop Day.

Perfect birthday present for me!
Friday, February 18

Chop Till You Drop

AMRAP in 25 minutes

P1: Run 400m
P2: 20 Tire Chops (10 L/10R), 10 Tire Jumps, 10 Tire Push Ups

I did it with both classes this morning and it was awesome. It actually wasn't too bad. I was worried because of my back. The running helped a lot. I did tire step ups instead of jumps and mixed up the push ups with tire push ups and modified ground push ups. We finished 6 rounds in the 6 am class and 5 rounds in the 7. I still can't lift the laundry basket but I already feel better.

Thursday, February 17

This was a lifting day where I hurt myself doing 205# Deadlifts. I thought I was ready. I was wrong.

Wednesday, February 16

5 Rounds:
400m Run
30 Wall Balls (20/12)
40 Lunges (20L/20R)
1 Net/Rope Climb

I picked this one specifically because the net is back up and I missed it and wanted to climb it. I used a 12# ball for Wall Balls. The Lunges made my legs wobbly toward the end and the Net climbs were MAGNIFICENT! Oh, how I have missed it. It was just me and Omid for this WOD and we finished in 35:32. Wall Balls are tough!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheating on CrossFit

DTM and I have busy schedules just like every other person on the planet. On top of the gym, work, and school I have been going to chiropractic appointments three times a week to fix my sacroiliitis. This compresses my already slightly full schedule. I think I just made a chiropractic joke. Anyway, the treatment has been great and Dr. Gary (seriously, click the link and make an appointment. I go to both Dr. Gary and Dr. Michelle. They are FANTASTIC!) has me doing ab rehab (which I will now call ab-hab) to help strengthen my psoas muscles. He uses similar movements found on Ab Ripper X from P90X. After much thinking and hemming and hawing, DTM and I bought P90X not only for the ab workouts but also to have on hand when we can't make it to the gym. It came in the mail last week and despite my best efforts, I couldn't go to the gym on Monday so I broke out the ol' P90X. I seriously felt like I was cheating on CrossFit.

Yes, he actually makes this sign several times throughout the workout.

The first day of P90X is a Chest and Back day as well as an Ab Ripper X day, so I stuck to those. It was your basic and not-so-basic push ups and pull ups, as well as some resistance band/dumbbell training. The workout was tough but I got through it. I had three immediate impressions:

1. Tony Horton talks WAY too much. Through the whole workout video he does NOT SHUT UP! This is coming from someone who is pretty chatty during training sessions. He is, however, very encouraging, upbeat, and a little funny. He also has a great mantra: "Do your best and forget the rest." This can be applied to not only any workout but also life. That is another post, though.

2. My arms and back felt like I just did Cindy when I was done, which means I felt like I had Incredible Hulk arms.

3. Personally, I would probably get bored with the workouts. I like being around people (ONLY when working out and not really at any other time) because it motivates and encourages me.

Despite those three things, I learned some new moves to incorporate into the gym WODs. Also, I thought I was going to die during Ab Ripper X. It is one tough workout. I am interested to see how this meshes with CrossFit. I am of the mind that as long as you're doing something, you're already way ahead of the game. My "something" just happens to be CrossFit. Some people prefer yoga, some Jazzercise, some boxing, some running...the list goes on. You know what? They're all good. You need to try different things. Learning and playing new sports regularly is part of the CrossFit ideal. So get out there and get some!

Oh geez, Tony Horton has already infested my brain.

The past few days were spent in a glorious pursuit of cheating the Paleo god. I ate my weight in totally non-Paleo delights such as swiss cheese fondue, excellent egg, sausage, spinach, and bread strata, and a myriad of other things this weekend while we were visiting our friends in Philly. I paid for it dearly but it was worth it.

Tuesday, February 15

Back Squats/Pull Ups and Shoulder Press

I managed to get back up to 165# for Back Squat today and use Lil' Red for all the dead hang Pull-Ups. This is kind of a miracle since I did a ton of Pull-Ups yesterday too. I managed to squeak out 80# for 4 of each of the 5 reps in my working sets for Shoulder Press. I had to Push Press the last rep on each set. I am getting there.

Friday, February 11

Ouch My Arms:

5 Rounds
400m Run
25 Squats
25 Sit Ups
25 Sholder Press/Push Press (x2)/Push Jerk (x2)

I like this WOD. It is a little tough on the shoulders but good. I used 45# for the Shoulder Press and 65# for the rest. I was working with Doug and we finished in 32:45. The run actually felt good!