Friday, May 6, 2011

Robin Sue, We Love You!

via Big Red Kitchen's Facebook Page
OMG, you guys. Big things are happening for a pretty awesome lady at our gym. Crossfit Tyson's Corner's very own ROBIN SUE from Big Red Kitchen is in a TV commercial. A NATIONWIDE TV commercial. Actually, it is even better than nationwide. It is ALL OF NORTH AMERICA-wide! How cool is that?!?!?!?!

Robin wears many hats. She is a (super awesome) food blogger, science teacher, nurse, crossfitter, mom, friend, AND North America-wide superstar! If that wasn't enough, she is now a salonniere and her cooking salon is opening THIS WEEKEND at the Lake Anne's Open Air Market in Reston, VA! She is having an open house where she will demonstrate recipes and discuss entertaining ideas. This is a huge week and we could not be more happy for her!

You see, Robin has an amazing spirit. Her husband, whom she calls Himself on her blog, started at CFTC before she did and it took him a little while to talk her into coming. But once she started, she took off like a rocket! Over the past year she has come so far at the gym, so it is no surprise that she is rocking it in the food world as well.

Go check out her blog, sign up for her cooking salon, and prepare to make and experience some of the tastiest treats you may ever encounter. I can vouch for that. My family used some of her recipes for various functions and they NEVER disappoint. Never. I cannot say how lucky I am to have met her. She is inspiring!

Congratulations Robin! We are so proud of you!