Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nervous Nelly

I KNEW I was a superhero!

In case I haven't made it abundantly clear, I have a problem with anxiety. I used to take "chill pills" for it but I stopped those when my life took a change for the better and even though I seem to be MORE busy than I used to be, it is all good since I am headed in the right direction in my life. Knowing this let me relax a little. In full disclosure, I still have the chill pills just in case there is a situation where I need to appear cool, calm, and collected and I can't have a glass of wine or 2 to help me out.

I kid. It is more like 4 glasses of wine.

No really, I have an anxiety problem that rears its ugly head in one of the most embarrassing ways ever because I can't cover it up. I sweat. And I mean it isn't the dainty, glistening sweat of a proper lady. It is a full fledged POUR. I sweat so much I can feel it dripping down my back. And front. And sides. Oddly enough, I sweat a lot from my knees. When I am anxious, sweat pours downs my shins. It is all quite appealing and comely. Now, this anxiety issue always presents itself when I have to be the center of attention. Like when I am doing a software training for my job, for instance. There is a reason I wear black to these things. It is the only color that hides the sweat!

So a couple weekends ago, in order to be a better CrossFit trainer, I attended the Coach's Prep Course at Trident CrossFit in Alexandria, VA. This was a wonderful seminar and I highly recommend that any trainer take it. I learned a ton and would go back again. Really! That being said, it was horrible for me and my anxiety. Part of the course involves us teaching people we don't know while we're being evaluated. I realize that is the whole point. To be evaluated. To get better. TO BE BETTER. Whatever part of the brain that controls anxiety (what? I haven't learned that in A&P yet!) did not get that message and went into overdrive. (EDIT: It's the hypothalamus. You just learned something, didn't you?) I was sweating profusely though we did NOTHING to warrant it. It wasn't that hot, the movements were nothing that should elicit sweat. I was drenched. Streaming. And it didn't stop ALL DAY. I thought I was going to just melt right there at the seminar. Nothing says confidence like a drenched, stuttering trainer! Go me!

The CrossFit HQ trainers were the BEST. Chris Spealler was the lead trainer and he is kind of a big CrossFit deal. Also, the nicest guy EVER. Adrian Bozeman and Miranda Oldroyd were there as well and they gave such helpful advice and tips that there was no way I was going to leave there without being better. Like I said, I highly recommend it and encourage anyone to go. Fantastic!

Chris Spealler and his son Roark. Reinforcing the Nicest Guy EVER image.
So here are the most recent highlights in my CrossFit athletic endeavors:

Saturday, May 28

6 Rounds for Time:

Short Lap*
40m Frog Hops
40m Lunge
20 4-Count Mountain Climbers

* 2 laps must be run with a Sand Bag

Why yes, this WAS a Jason workout. How did you know? I finished this one in 40:09. All 6 rounds. That was my goal. I used a 40# Sand Bag for both of the Sand Bag laps. As always, the Frog Hops were brutal. The Lunges weren't too bad and the Mountain Climbers were ok. Would I like to do this one again in the near future? No thanks!

Wednesday, May 25


3 Rounds for Time:

400m Run
12 Pull Ups
21 KB Swings

So, this was disappointing. I was almost 2 minutes slower than my previous time. I did Kipping Pull Ups and used a 16kg KB. I believe my time was 12:24. Previous best 11:00. Barf.

Tuesday, May 24

Deadlifts and Hang Cleans

In a daring feat, I managed to Deadlift 135#!!! Wooohooo! I know this isn't a ton of weight (both literally and figuratively) BUT it is the most I have been able to lift in MONTHS. So excited. I also Hang Cleaned 95#. First time in a long time for that lift too. Super!

Wednesday, May 18


AMRAP in 20 Minutes of:

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

My goal was 15 rounds doing Kipping Pull Ups and true Push Ups. I did 16 + 2 Pull Ups. Why yes, I am pleased with myself:-)

Now excuse me while I go towel off!