Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Wedding Vacation

This past weekend I experienced the wild and wonderful Wyoming. Oh wait, that is the catch phrase for West Virginia. I know nothing about Wyoming except it is out west by the Rockies and Laramie, WY was a stop on the Oregon Trail. I know this because I usually either died of dysentery OR my oxen drowned while fording the river around that leg of the journey. In fact, that computer game is littered with my tombstones.

How sad. Or fortunate. Have you ever been to Wyoming in winter?
Why was I in Wyoming? That is a fantastic question. We went for DTM's brother's wedding! We flew out to Denver, CO and then drove to Laramie from there with DTM's mom, step-dad, and two aunts, both of whom I have never met. One of the aunts also brought her significant other. It made for a very full Suburban.

I hate to say this but I was not looking forward to the trip for several reasons, none of them having to do with the wedding. You see, I hate traveling. Hate it. I hate driving to the airport. I hate waiting in the security line. I hate waiting to board. I hate being shoved in the middle seat, as I almost always am, and having to passive aggressively arm wrestle the fat guy next to me for some arm rest space. I hate waiting to deplane. I hate waiting for luggage. I absolutely hate riding in the car for longer than an hour. Lucky for me, it was a 3 and a half to 4 hour flight and a 2 hour drive. I was just a ball of joy when we finally got to the hotel. 

When we reached the hotel, I felt sure we were being filmed for some campy Christmas Wedding movie. As we were unloading the giant vehicle we rented to get all of us to Laramie, a campy Christmas wedding song was playing in the lobby. It was surreal and I was channeling Chevy Chase.

We went about our various wedding duties to prepare for the big day, which only added to my stress because I had to meet new people. I get very anxious about meeting new people. I know, I am a hott mess. The only thing that kept me from not completely losing it was the fact that this was for a wedding. DTM's brother was marrying one of the nicest, most wonderful people I have ever met and I was NOT going to cause a scene. 

The big day went off without a hitch. Here we all are in our wedding finery. Other than my sister's wedding dress, Beth (the bride) wore the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen.

We are a good looking bunch!
This trip also made me learn a few things about myself:
  • Apparently, somewhere along the lines I became Captain CrossFit. My bag needed to be searched because the TSA agents thought my taped lacrosse balls I brought for my back were highly unusual.
  • If under great enough stress I will, in fact, drink red wine. And like it.
  • Tremendous amounts of turbulence makes me sicker than a dog.
  • I still don't know when to keep my mouth shut. The following actually happened during the cake cutting:

    Me to DTM: "He better not shove that cake on her face and if he does, she should tell him he isn't getting any. Ever."

    Her mother was right in front of me when I said this. And she heard it. Fantastic
  • I should always, ALWAYS pack gym clothes. I didn't and actually had a little time to workout. Working out in jammies is not that awesome. Especially when the workout is 100 burpees for time.
  • No matter how wonderful I think burpees are, doing them at 7200 feet is NOT the same as doing them in a low lying swamp. I think I am still catching my breath from that escapade.
  • I still hate traveling.

Best wishes to Beth and Patrick for their new life together! 

The happy newlyweds!