Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year 3

Today is our 3 year CrossFit-versay. 3 years ago today, DTM and I went to CFTC for our intro classes and got thoroughly destroyed. Like many before us, we got hooked and made it a part of our lives. At the time, I did not realize just how much a part of my life it would become. Totally weird.

Not only has my body changed for the better, so has my health, my stress, and my attitude (well, mostly...) Most days I feel like this:

Lieven took this picture. It is for my bio here.
Some days I feel like I got hit by a truck. Still. I tell people CrossFit never gets easier, it just sucks less, but that is kind of a lie. I tend to recover more quickly but today. Today I am sore and tired. Which I think is kind of ironic since if CrossFit sucks less over time it should be easy by now right? HA! Nope.

Anyway, I looked at my goals from last year and they seem rather pathetic. In fact, I really didn't achieve any of them. Here they are:

- Complete 6 classes in Kinesiology. I finished 5 of them. All A's too.
- Do a muscle up and complete a WOD with them. Did not happen. I am getting good at jumping muscle ups though. In all fairness, I didn't work on them.
- Earn my Level 2 Cert. It isn't an option because HQ is still "Working on it." I did take the Coaches Prep Course. It was awesome.
- Master Ring Dips. I didn't master them but I can do them unassisted now.
- Bench press my body weight. I can do this but it isn't important to me anymore.
- Maintain a Paleo diet. Done.

I decided this year I am not going to set goals based on physical performance. Not that I don't have those goals. Would I like to deadlift 300# some day. I would like to do muscle ups. But you know what? I don't care about when it happens. I would also like to do handstand pushups.

I also noticed that my goals changed throughout the past year as well. I decided I wanted to be a full time trainer and now I am one. I decided that I would give my body a chance to heal and while it isn't always easy, I am trying to do that. I don't care so much about how many classes I complete, because that really doesn't give me the knowledge I need to be a better trainer.

This year I am going to go about things a little differently. I would like to earn some more certifications. I am not just talking about CrossFit stuff too. I would like to get the USAW Olympic Lifting cert. I would like to be more knowledgeable about how to help people suffering from injuries train safely. DTM and I are trying to stick to Paleo better. We do mostly but DTM was on the fence and now he is all in. We even got a food processor.

Also, a muscle up would be super.

Happy CrossFit!!!!