Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Lazy and I Know It

I have a confession to make. It may surprise exactly none of you that I may be the laziest human being on the face of the planet. There is probably a reason one of my favorite animals (other than ponies. OMG, ponies....) is the Sloth.

Seriously. How adorable are they?
I am obsessed with them. Like, Kristen Bell obsessed.

Why am I telling you this? For a couple of reasons. Mostly because it makes me charming and endearing. The other reason is that I have been massively struggling with being cheerful and awake recently. Mostly awake. We all know I am not cheerful. Crochety and curmudgeonly? Yes. If I had my way, I would never set an alarm and wake up whenever I wanted. Funnily enough, when I can do that, I wake up earlier and more refreshed. I would also revert back to my old childhood breakfast of peanut butter and jelly toast and a cup of tea. We don't have peanut butter, jelly, or bread in the house. For some reason, if I know I HAVE to do something, I don't want to do it and it takes all my willpower TO do it. Thus, I become the surliest and laziest person on Earth. Sidenote: I am not sure if sloths are surly.

 For example, I have wanted to go lay on the beach somewhere warm for a long time. I love the beach. I love laying on it for hours wearing my 1000SPF that I have to apply every 15 minutes or else I will burn to a crisp. I love trying to surf whenever I want. However, if you told me that I had to go to the beach and have fun, I would be like "I DO WHAT I WANT!" and go pout in the corner until you made me pack. What? There has to be some psychological term for this. You know, other than "crazy." I make no sense.

CrossFit seems to be the exception to this rule. Sure, I may grumble about what we have to do that day, but I will do it willingly. The most recent example of this is the training our team has been doing for the Civilian Military Combine. I don't mind the extra training. In fact, I like it. I like working with other people to reach a common goal. Except for the fact that it includes running. I hate running. I never choose running. I run for darn few people. But I will do it because I know the practice is going to make us better. I am looking forward to this race. It is going to be fun!

Even though I run at a sloth's pace.

It will be brought. Slowly.